Is wall vinyl compatible with all types of paint?

Wall vinyl is not compatible with all types of walls/paints. Environmental friendly paints are not recommended. Freshly painted walls must be fully cured prior to applying wall decals. Due to variances in application methods, substrates, walls, paints, chemicals in paints and all other means beyond our control, we cannot guarantee compatibility. The buyer assumes all responsibility from the use, installation, vinyl adhesion, and removal of any and all items purchased.

Is there a difference in outdoor rated vinyl and wall vinyl?

Yes! Please do not apply any decals to any interior walls unless they are made from actual wall vinyl. Outdoor vinyl is typically used on glass, porcelain, plastic, laptops, etc. and can be removed from these surfaces but it is not made for interior walls of your home. When removing from an interior wall, outdoor rated vinyl can and will destroy the paint and sheetrock. If you see a design in our shop made from outdoor vinyl but would like a wall decal instead, please contact us first!

How do I apply a decal?

Installation instructions are included with every order. If you're not familiar with how precision cut decals are applied, we recommend that you watch "How-To" videos prior to installation. We cannot be held responsible for any installation errors or incompatibility issues.

What's the best way to install and care for car and truck hood decals?

The easiest way to install is the wet method ( We use the highest quality vinyl that is rated for up to 6 years outdoor to provide the greatest longevity of the decal in an outdoor environment (under normal exposure conditions). However, due to differences in engine heat and the extreme heats and bitter colds that we all experience throughout America, this can affect the actual lifespan of the decal.

Awesome, thanks. What about when a decal is applied to a boat? Is the lifespan less?

Sea salt and air is a beautiful thing to humans but a nuisance on electronics, windows, metals, flooring, etc. and decals aren't any different. Salt water and air can definitely affect the lifespan of the decal, so please do keep this mind. We've seen decals last for years and years on boats but it does ultimately depend on the individual environment.

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FAQ - Can you make a custom SVG file for me?

Please message us with your request and we'll be happy to take a look at it for you. We charge a flat fee of $4.99 for any simple, custom design. Very complex designs will have a different fee and prices will be charged accordingly.

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FAQ - My SVG file isn't working with Silhouette Studio! Why?

SVG files are only compatible with Silhouette Studio DESIGNER Edition. For your convenience, we have included DXF, JPG and PNG files with digital download orders that can be used with the Basic Edition of Silhouette Studio.

How are your shirts sized?

Each shirt and brand is different, so please take a look at the listing photographs and find the size chart with the measurements of each shirt. These measurements are taken directly from the manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding sizing, please contact us prior to purchase!

What material and brand are your shirts? What creates a vintage design?

We offer different brands and materials for customers who prefer one type of material over another and due to the fact that sizing and fit is not the same across multiple brands. We list the material of our shirts on the listing description as type does vary. Please check the listing for detailed information and size charts. If you have questions, please contact us prior to purchase! Certain materials will create a vintage/distressed look, others will be a single color, polyester creates a rich, vibrant print, poly/cotton blends can create one or the other - it just really all depends on the material and design being used.